Posted August 18, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Jay Z Does It Again! Roc Nation Sports Gets Boxing Promotion License

Through Roc Nation Sports, Jay Z has been able to represent some of sports biggest athletes.

He entered the NBA in a big way by signing one of the top three players in the league in Kevin Durant. Hov also signed the big stars in three other professional leagues such as Robinson Cano (MLB), Skylar Diggans (WNBA), and Victor Cruz (NFL).

Now, you can add boxing to his resume.

With Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions seemingly controlling the sports biggest fighters, this could bring a different look to the sports linear balance of power.

Roc Nation Sports has officially hired David Itskowitch to be the chief operating officer of the agency’s boxing division according to ESPN.

Itskowitchhas worked with Golden Boy Promotions in the past, resigning last summer. They have secured boxing licenses in Washington D.C. and New York so far.

“We’re going to promote our first event by the end of the year, and we’re currently strategizing on which fighters we will seek to sign,” Itskowitch told ESPN.com.

“We’re looking to make an immediate and dramatic impact on the sport. We feel we can do that, and we plan to build Roc Nation Sports into a boxing brand by leveraging Roc Nation’s current marketing, public relations and branding infrastructure. We’re going to brand Roc Nation Sports fighters, and we’re confident that branding will lead to financial opportunities both in and out of the ring that will be available nowhere else.”

It looks like the team there will take a different approach to their clients, choosing to promote their likeness year long instead of everytime there is a a fight booked.

Should be interesting to see what they cook up next, and what fighters they choose to sign. If history is any indication they are going to look to make a HUGE splash in the sport.