Posted August 16, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

To Tank or Not To Tank; The Interesting Situation The Pacers Are In

I know that the NBA season is not starting anytime soon but I think there is one team that has an interesting opportunity. The Indiana Pacers should tank this upcoming season and I’ll explain why.

Obviously the loss of their superstar Paul George is a big hit but they a big piece to the team in Lance Stephenson.

Losing two players of that caliber leaves the Pacers with a starting line-up of George Hill at Point Guard, Rodney Stuckey at Shooting Guard, Chris Copland or Solomon Hill at the small forward, David West at the Power Forward, and Roy Hibbert at Center. Even in a weak Eastern Conference this starting five only has a chance to place 7th or 8th.

The best move for Indiana in my opinion is to punt on this season and try to get a top five pick in next year’s draft.

They have a rare opportunity right now to capitalize on this window to get their team better for next year. If you are a Pacer fan, think about it! You know that you will get George back next year and let’s say the Pacer do get a lottery pick they will be adding a young talented player to their roster or trade the pick away and get a talented veteran to help that team out.
The one member of the team that can benefit the most from tanking is Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel. Why Vogel? Two words…Job Security. Vogel was on the chopping block for the whole second half of the regular season and the entire playoffs. If the Pacers tank this year it will allow him an excuse to keep his job for at least one more year and also give him the ability to add talent to his squad.

Now a wise man once told me that there is a difference between perception and reality, and the reality is that there is a slim chance that the Pacers tank on purpose this season. Reason being is the GM of the Pacers Larry Bird. Larry Bird hates the idea tanking as much as Chief Keef hates being sober. There is little chance that Bird will forfeit his believes for a CHANCE at a great player, he needs something a bit more definitive.

It should be noted that just because you don’t have a chance to win the NBA title doesn’t mean you should just give up on the season. As a matter of fact nine times out of ten I am totally against tanking, but I believe that this is that one exception. The chance to have Paul George come back and play with a young stud or it gives the Pacers the chance to trade that lottery pick in the future. Either way in my humble opinion the Pacers will not be very good weather they try to tank or not.

Let us know what you think. Should the Pacers tank or act like nothing is wrong and try to keep the ball rolling?