Posted August 16, 2014 by BlueMagic in New Artist Spot Light

KJ Hamilton ‘Moral of the Story’ Mixtape [Audio]

Kj Hamilton, 23 year-old Georgia Native has a story to tell. Born and raised in Columbus, GA, it was this southern upbringing that helped Kj Hamilton develop this melodic, laid-back flow that he so effortlessly displays on tracks today. Growing up in a household where 2pac and Outkast dominated the speaker box, this kid was destined to be poetic, conveying stories with such a vivid illustration; you would swear you were witnessing the events first hand. His passion runs deep for music due to a car crash that left him believing he was put on this earth for a greater purpose. Kj attended St. John?s University where a chance meeting with Pharrell Williams gave him the confidence to drop out and pursue music. Pharrell told Kj, “Just keep making music…make music…every song isn?t going to be a hit, but the good shit…the good shit gets out.”

There are so many people that have similar dreams to make it big one day rapping, but only a few understand their purpose. Kj Hamilton was put on this earth to create powerful music with ideas and messages that resonated with people from different backgrounds. To make moments that inspire the youth, and spark a movement of forward thinking to uplift the culture. To give people that same feeling when they first heard College Dropout, Reasonable Doubt, Aquemini; that feeling that you could identify with someone. Of course the materialistic raps are cool, but as humans we want to hear music that makes us feel good, to know that the people we admire come from the same struggles. Kj Hamilton is here to restore that hope, to make you fall in love with hip-hop all over again.

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