Posted August 15, 2014 by Luis Mercado in News

New York City Joins The Protests Against Actions In Ferguson [Photo] [Video]

Last night, thousands of people came together across the United States for a National Moment of Silence to protest our basic human rights and speak against everything that has occurred in Ferguson, Missouri within the past week.

Between shooting an unarmed and reportedly non-threat and leaving him in the street for hours in cold blood, withholding the name of the police officer who shot Mike Brown, and the forced militarization of the police department that instigated a scene as ugly as we have seen in the history of the United States, people wanted to make their voices heard and show that we will not stand for such action.

In New York City, one of the protests started in Union Square at around 7pm. There people chanted the words “hands up, don’t shoot,” stood with their hands up and held up signs. Some afraid for what the future look like for our children.

From there the crowd took their protest where the most people can hear. Times Square. Thousands sat with their hands up, chanted, and made their voices heard as tourists walked by confused onto what is happening.

Check out some video from last night’s festivities, and photos in the gallery above.