Posted August 14, 2014 by Victoria in Lifestyle

Reporters Arrested During Protest! [Photo]

2 reporters were arrested in Ferguson last night, Ryan Reilly a reporter from the Huffington Post and Wesley Lowery from the Washington Post were arrested last night while in a local McDonalds, about two blocks away from protest. They spoke to CNN not to long ago about what took place. They explained that they were inside the Mc Donalds charging their devices so they can continue their reports, when the swat team walked in to shut it down and next thing they knew, they were being arrested. The cops were frustrated because the reporters began recording and they were taking too long to pack, says Reilly and Lowry.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, people are setting off fire works, tear gas is being thrown in retaliation, the swat team is walking the streets pointing their weapons in kids faces, people are being shot, it’s a war zone in the middle of the town, yet police find it necessary to arrest reporters? There was also news of another reporter that was arrested, a man named Antonio French who has yet to be released due to his great coverage via social media on all news Ferguson and Mike Brown.

Clearly this whole situation is being taken to another level, something that was initially started by Police officers will soon be ended by them as well, we must find a resolution to this mayhem.

check out the photo gallery for pictures of Lowry and French.

Source: Twitter & HuffingtonPost & CNN