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President Obama Speaks on the Protest in Ferguson! [Photo]

President Barack Obama speaks!!!

As we wrote about before, people vented through social media expressing their anger for why they haven’t heard from President Obama about the killing of the 17 year old Mike Brown from Ferguson Missouri. This afternoon the President held a press conference from Marthas Vineyard speaking on the situation in Iraq and the protest and senseless killing of Mike Brown. He touched on the issues involving Mike Brown stating that we need to move forward and find a resolution to the violence taking place in Ferguson. He made it known that he has the FBI investigating the killing of Mike Brown and he has reached out to The Department of Justice to maintain safety and avoid resorting to violence.

Gov. Jay Nixon

Gov. Jay Nixon

President Obama said that he also spoke with Governor Jay Nixon (Gov. of Missouri) and that they are trying to find a solution for all the madness occurring. He continued to express how he wanted nothing other than Peace, he gave some background on Mike Brown and expressed his sympathy to Mike’s family for his death.

There is never an excuse for violence against police, ….or violence against peaceful protesters”

President Obama concluded in saying that he wants peace and that journalist and reporters shouldn’t be arrested for doing their job. We all have rights and we are all equal. But are we really? It seems like the Police these days are using there badge as a way to look down upon civilians and treat us as if we’re beneath them. Some people on Twitter said they think Obama should come out to Missouri, but will that stop the chaos? Will the people listen to Obama in such trying times? Hearts are heavy, the people are taking action, how many more lives have to be taken for people of power to realize that our silence is doing nothing? I’m happy that people are starting to take action but I do believe in peaceful protesting. Earlier on CNN they explained that the police were only retaliating to the violence that was caused by the protesters in Ferguson but when I watch videos on Twitter and Facebook, I see people being yelled at, cursed out, and guns drawn on them during their peaceful protest. What should we believe? Who should we listen to? When ….Will there be Peace?

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Source: CNN & Gawker