Posted August 14, 2014 by Unique in Global

Howard Alum Was Shot In The Head In Ferguson, Conflicting Reports On What Took Place [Photo][Video]

Early yesterday Howard Alum shared the news via social media that one of their fellow Bisons was shot Tuesday into Wednesday night in Ferguson, MO. Maya Aaten-White was a peaceful protester who was also reporting live and up close in person everything that was taking place in Ferguson with the Mike Brown protest using her Instagram. Fellow HU Alum, Saffiyah Muhammad, shared this story on the Facebook Alumni news board:

Howard Fam,

Mya, a 2012 Howard Alum, born and raised in STL, MO., was shot in the head last night during a drive-by, due to all of the heat that’s happening right now in Ferguson, MO. I just so happened to connect with her earlier this summer while doing an inspection at her mother’s childcare facility. She’s heavily involved involved in the protest going on. I’m thankful that she is stable and is expected to live. Please lift her and her family up right now! Put the guns down now! #dontshoot #mikebrown #ferguson #togetherwestand #HowardAlum #Howarduniversity

NBC as well as a number of other outlets reported that:

St. Louis County Police spokesman Brian Schellman said four to five black males apparently carried out the shooting on Highmont Drive in Ferguson, Mo., and fled in a car. The unidentified woman was transported to a hospital via EMS, but her condition was unknown just before 1:30 a.m. local time. It was not immediately clear if the shooting was in any way related to the recent unrest in Ferguson.

However according to other reports on social media it is being said the Mya was not shot during a drive-by but instead by police passing it off as a drive-by:

With police telling and forcing reporters on the scene to shut off their cameras or be arrested Ferguson is turning into a total media black out with many relaying heavily on social media to get all the information out.

One IG user attempted to talk to one ferguson police about the peaceful female protestor that was shot before another officer tried to cover his mouth. Captioning The video as:

A peaceful female protester got shot in the head by the police! That’s why this other policeman put his hand over the honest policeman’s mouth because he was about to spill the tea. #FUCK12 #ferguson #FuckThePolice #stl #stlcountypd #stlriots #ripmikebrown #justiceformike #justiceformikebrown

It’s hard to say who was actually the cause behind the shooting but  Mya is reportedly stable and is expected to live.  Continue to keep her, her family and the people of Ferguson in your prayers.