Posted August 14, 2014 by Marisa M in ThatsEnuff

An Official Remix To Beyoncé’s “Blow” May Be On Its Way…And Guess Who It’s Reportedly Featuring!

If this new registering on ASCAP (in the gallery) has any truth to it, we just may FINALLY be getting a Rihanna x Beyonce collaboration! A writer by the name of Nikita Riddick Victoria (who has several other major songwriting credits) is listed on a track called “Blow,” while Beyonce and Rihanna are named as performers. The song is most likely the one that originally appeared on Beyonce’s album in December, making way for the remix from two of our favorite superstar singers.

Now, there are a couple of things to point out – like Rihanna’s name being misspelled as “Rhianna,” and the fact that the writer, Nikita, was not involved in the original track. However, a quick search of “Rhianna” in the ASCAP registry turns up 8 other songs of hers, so it appears that whoever inputs information just moves a bit too quickly at times. As far as Nikita goes, the fact that she has other major credits to her name is a plus, and there’s a chance that she simply revamped the entire track. I guess we’ll only know with time!

Source: RME