Posted August 13, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

So Did Ciara Leave Future Because He Was Sleeping With His Baby Mama Brittni?

Did one of Future’s baby mothers cause him and Ciara to break up?

We reported earlier that the body party between these two is officially over. Ciara has called of their engagement due to infidelity issues. With rumors flying out the woodworks, everyone is now pointing fingers at Future’s baby mother Brittni.

StraightFromTheA reports:


You remember Brittni right? She’s one of Future’s Baby Mamas who Ciara was sending those subtweets to a while back.

While many say the break up was due to Future ‘cheating’ on Ciara, word on the curb is that he never really fully broke up with his baby mama Brittni Mealy and Ciara knew it way before she got knocked up.

Future revealed in an interview with Angie Martinez last year that he me Ciara as early as 2006.  It was during that first meeting, Future said, that he predicted he’d be in a relationship with her eventually.

Years later, the pair were reintroduced by their mutual label, Epic and as an effort to jump start both of their careers they began ‘dating’.  It didn’t take long for their constructed relationship to become a real life on and the two got engaged in October 2013.

They even shared a home in Los Angeles but Future still tip toed back to Atlanta to be with his other baby mama on several occasions.

Fast forward to now, and my sources reveal that Future has been back with Britanni for months now.


It’s sad to see these two split. We were actually rooting for them.

Check out Future’s fine a&* baby mother in our gallery above!