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Teen Ran Over By Sister While Sunbathing In Driveway [Video]

Wow!! Our sincerest condolences goes out to the family and loved ones of 15 year old Marli Hamblin. Syracuse,UT-A Utah teen has died after a car plowed into her while she was sunbathing in her driveway.

“We’ve been fortunate enough through the years not to have any tragic problems, this is the first,” said Syracuse Police Department Officer Erin Behm.

According to police, 15-year-old Marli Hamblin, was lying on a blanket, sunbathing in her driveway, listening to music on her headphones, when her older sister backed out of the garage, accidentally running her over.

“Driver wasn’t paying attention, obviously didn’t think there would be anyone in the driveway, and just backed out of the driveway,” said Officer Behm.

Marli`s cousin was outside at the time, just a few houses down.

“It was just, everyone was in shock and in panic,” said the victim’s cousin Takenna Hamblin.

Marli was airlifted to Ogden Regional Medical Center where she died on Sunday.

“It’s been tough we’re really close and it’s hard to see a loved one like this,” said Takenna.

Marli`s sister is not facing any charges in this case.

“No foul play, it was just a tragic accident,” said Officer Behm.

“She’s having a very difficult time, beating herself up, all we can do is encourage her you know, its just an accident, it can happen to anybody at any given time,” said the girl’s grandfather Ron Hamblin.

Marli recently made the Syracuse High School cheerleading squad.

“She worked hard at it her desire was to succeed in whatever she did,” said Ron.
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