Posted August 12, 2014 by Julian Encarnacion in Sports

Nets Playoff Bound as Knicks Miss in ESPN’s East Standings Forecast

Don’t think this is what the Zen Master had planned. According to ESPN’s summer forecast for the 2014-15 standings, the Knicks are set to miss the playoffs for the second season in a row.

Since 2008 ESPN has utilized a panel of 210 experts to help make various NBA predictions. ESPN asks the panel of NBA contributors who work under the EPSN.com umbrella and use their expertise to calculate the forecast.

In this year’s survey the Knicks are predicted to finish in the tenth in the East at 37-45. Brooklyn is slated to finish just under .500 at 39-43, but as the 8th seed for the final spot in the playoffs. The panel predicts that Cleveland, Chicago, Toronto, Washington, Charlotte, Miami and Atlanta finish next season with better records than the Nets and Knicks, with Indiana positioned in between the two at ninth.

Last year’s forecast had both teams finishing in the upper half of eastern conference at fourth and fifth. ESPN had the Nets and Knicks winning 53 and 48 games respectively, well below of their actual records of 44 and 37.