Posted August 12, 2014 by Doric Sam in Sports

Fight Breaks Out at Broncos Camp, Peyton Manning Not Happy [Details]

All NFL teams and players are defined by how tough they are, so some people don’t mind when fights break out during training camp. Tensions are high, it’s hot as hell, you’re constantly hitting someone else or getting hit yourself… it’s understandable for some players to get emotional.

So when a few on-field fights broke out at the Denver Broncos’ training camp on Tuesday some would think it’s a good thing to see the team’s angry side, especially after having its toughness questioned throughout the offseason thanks to its 35-point Super Bowl loss. But Peyton Manning, the team’s most important player, was not a fan.

“I don’t like [fights], to tell you the truth,” he told reporters. “You don’t do it in a game. If you do it in a game, it usually costs you something important, it costs you a drive, costs you field position. … I’m into treating practice like a game. I’m not a fan of it.”

According to reports there were two small skirmishes early in the practice session, but then a huge fight broke out after the fourth play of a four-play sequence. Almost the entire team was involved, with players running over from the sideline to get in on the action. Guard Orlando Franklin and defensive tackles Derek Wolfe and Terrance Knighton were at the center of the scrum, with Franklin’s helmet getting ripped off during the confrontation.

After the fight was broken up and the players finished the practice sequence, coach John Fox spoke to the team for several minutes. There were no more confrontations for the remainder of the day.

“It is a fine line. You want some chippiness; it is a combative game,” Fox said.

Manning said he hopes this is the last time he’ll see a fight break out at training camp.

“I know all the coaches are looking for tough guys on their team, but there’s a difference between being tough and not being smart,” Manning said. “It’s a matter of staying disciplined, staying composed in intense situations.”

Source: ESPN