Posted August 10, 2014 by BlueMagic in News

Unarmed Teen Shot Dead By Ferguson Police Department, Community Almost Riot [Photo] [Video]

Tonight in what seems to be a growing issue with Police departments, another unarmed citizen has been killed by law enforcement. Fresh from the death of Staten Island Eric Garner who died from a choke hold, a teen now fell to the hands of a police officer. Mike Brown was visiting his grandmother in Ferguson, Missouri after recently graduating from his High School. Here’s what Global Grind reported:

The shooting occurred around noon at the Canfield Green Apartment Complex. Family, friends and members of the community gathered to grieve the death of Brown, who was set to attend college on Monday.
The gathering prompted the response of police from 15 other departments and riot-control officers.

This crowd quickly became angered and very emotional around 8:30pm which prompted police tanks to arrive on the scene. As this protest continued, someone posted video as police officers with shotguns and police dogs continued to patrol the streets as the community stood with their hands up. It was said the teenage ran away from the cop who shot him with his hands in the air.

Brown’s father was seen standing in protest holding a sign that said “Ferguson police executed my unarmed son”. Check out the photo of the victim and his father protest in the gallery above. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Brown family during this difficult time.