Posted August 10, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

NASCAR’s Tony Stewart Hits Opposing Driver With His Car and Kills Him [Video] [WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO]

NASCAR star Tony Stewart hit and killed another driver last night during a dirt track race in upstate New York.

Kevin Ward Jr who was only 20 years old was the victim. Ward left his car after getting into a wreck during the race and went onto the track to try and confront Stewart. One car swerved out of the way to avoid Ward, Stewart tried to do the same, but his back wheel hit Ward.

According to CNN Sheriff Philip C. Povero reported that Ward was dead before the ambulance arrived on the scene.

WARNING! The video you are about to see is very violent. Veiwer discretion is advised.


Povero stated that Stewart is fully cooperating with the investigation. Stewart has also chosen not to participate in today’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race.

The investigation is still underway.