Posted August 8, 2014 by Rocko Rathon in Music

Smoke DZA Visits Rap Genius Offices To Decode Album Lyrics, Ad-libs, And More [Video]

Harlem USA’s own Smoke DZA recently paid a visit to the Rap Genius office based in Williamsburg Brooklyn to decode lyrics from his recently released album, Dream.ZONE.Achieve. DZA kicked things off by decoding lyrics from Fhvt Bvsturd, Ghost of Dipset, City of Dreams, Zone and more. Joined by rapper and RFC member Al-Doe, DZA took a smoke break and used his brand new signature Rap Genius lighter to spark one up. At the fans request, the Kushed God began to delve into his prior catalog of music to break down lyrics, including the Paul Bearer reference on The Streak, for all the pro wrestling aficionados. One of the most interesting portions of the visit was when we were given the backstory to DZA’s now signature RRRIIIGGGHHTTT ad-lib, which is based on his West Indian roots.

Click HERE to see Smoke DZA break down some of his most popular lyrics and check out the video below and photos in the gallery for a behind the scenes look into myself and Jazlana‘s trip to the Rap Genius Headquarters. Shout out to Savannah for putting everything together and Jamaal Devore for the photos/video. Most importantly, big thank you to Shawn, Tomi and the whole Rap Genius staff for having us.