Posted August 7, 2014 by BlueMagic in Sports

The Only Way Undertaker WrestleMania Streak Broken Makes Sense…Involves Sting [Editorial]

There were rumors before that they was suppose to have a Wrestlemania match before and Undertaker wanted him to win. But that match never happened so the streak was still good for a few years. Fast forward to Wrestlemania 30, the unthinkable happens that no one saw coming. Not even people in the back knew if Undertaker would win or lose against Brock Lesner. I mean, it’s the Undertaker! He don’t lose at Wrestlemania, he wins all the time. Doesn’t he? Not this time. After 3 F5’s Lesner pinned The Undertaker clean at Wrestlemania.


Brock Lesner is the one behind the Undertakers 21 and 1 (Paul Heyman voice). This very fact has shook the WWE Universe and wrestling in all as no one ever saw it happening. Again, it’s the Undertaker! But there must be a plan behind this lost. There HAS TO BE a reason behind the streak ending. There MUST BE a reason to give Paul Heyman ammunition to remind us every chance that Brock is the one behind the Undertakers 21 and 1. In my opinion the only way that this all has to make sense….Sting.

Yes I’ve been reading how Undertaker can’t do another match and that Sting vs. Undertaker can’t no longer work but it can. It can work now more than ever! This is still a dream match that the culture and industry needs. Sting has spoken out and said he would love a match with the Undertaker. I’m sure Undertaker can give us one more finale match against Sting. This can all make sense but it must start at Summer Slam. Here’s how it has to happen for it to all make sense.

Brock Lesner wins at Summer Slam like many has predicted but they know Brock can’t carry the title for too long as a part-timer. We all see how draining from the title it was when The Rock tried to do just that. Once Brock wins at Summer Slam during his celebration let the arena go black. Then show a spotlight on a crow flying from one end to the other landing on Sting arm letting this be the final shot of the night. The next night on Raw, let it be announced by VKM that later in the night Brock Lesner defends his title against Sting. Build it through the Raw like Sting is stalking Lesner through the shadows. Mind games that he usually plays. Then actually let him win the title that night on Raw.

With Sting character he won’t have to wrestle every time and can still be on the road with the title. Let him have a few feuds here and there against Triple H, Batista, Cena, and etc. You know, all the top guys but only to beat each one. Don’t worry about the whole wrestlers being buried or making WWE look weak because everyone know Sting is an Icon. Let this ride all the way to Royal Rumble.

During the Royal Rumble it’ll be the usual but bring back some key people who want to have that one shot at Sting. I mean bring back Flair, Nash, Hogan, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg and even cast Brock Lesner at number 27. As Brock enters and wants the revenge against Sting, he’ll start clearing the ring till its down to 3. Now, at number 30 let it be the Undertaker shocking everyone. Of course let him win the Royal Rumble by eliminating Brock Lesner last. This will set up the dream match with the WWE World Heavy Weight Title on the line. In reality this is the WCW and WWF/WWE title merged into one. Play on that history of both titles and how they merged.

We’ve reach Wrestlemania 31 and the main event is the match that’s been wanted for decades! There’s no streak so it’s plausible that Undertaker might just lose to Sting. Sting been in the ring for a bit during this run so should have the advantage. Let them have a good 30-40 minute match and just let them give it their all to the point of possibly a double count out. Sting would retain and no pride’s are hurt BUT HERE’S THE TWIST.

After giving they’re all in the match that just concluded evenly, it leaves the unknown of who’s better. They’re both in the middle ring worn down and defeated from trying to beat each other. With the crowd showing their appreciation, hit the music of the “Money in the Bank” winner from earlier that night. Have him cash in on a less than 20% Sting to win the title and start a new era. Next night on Raw, let Sting and Undertaker show they respect for each other and allow them to ride into the sunset. This would be the ultimate and only way that Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania can make sense.

I’m sure some things I said maybe far-fetched or just not possible. I’m sure some of the things I said may have you wondering of other scenarios. Leave me your thoughts below. How would you have it played out? What would you change to make it better or to your liking? To me, this would be the perfect scenario that would put everything to bed.