Posted August 7, 2014 by BlueMagic in TECHNOLOGY

New SexFit Product Set to be Released, Helps Guys During Sexual Performance and more [Photo]

There’s a new fitness product set to be released very soon. It’s aimed towards the guys to help them during their sexual performance AND help them exercise. Guys can wear the wi-fi equipment on their “friend” to measure and track their sexual performance. Once you sync the product to the app, the LED lights on top will then tell you whether you need to slow down or speed up in your “actions”.

When the centre light is lit, the user is hitting peak performance and matching the rhythm set by the training programme. Too many lights and the user will need to slow down, and not enough lights will advise them to pick up the pace. A “+/-“speed button on either side of the gadget can also be used to adjust the speed of the training session ‘on the go’.

The gadget will also be keeping track of key statistics during your performance such as calories and TPM (thrust per minute). The best part of all of this? You can even share your numbers on social media! While the gadget is still in prototype phase, it’s definitely something that might make waves once it’s released Spring 2015. Check out the images for the device in the gallery above.

Source: Buzzfeed