Posted August 6, 2014 by Unique in Lifestyle

The Drinker’s Challenge [Details][Editorial]

So who doesn’t like a good drinking game or adventure? Especially during the summer time. Thanks to the friends I made in college I’ve found myself playing some of the craziest made up drinking games or challenges I should say. Now that I think about it they were borderline psychotic but hey what can I say they made for great stories.

I mean how many people can say they attempted to take 48 shots in 24 hours with their friends, all while still trying to have a fun fully functional summer day. Or a day dubbed as 10’s day that my best friend and his boys made up during our junior year of college where we had a house party and you basically drank  until you hit your borderline blackout limit. Better yet putting the two together and making it into a epic house party that had to be one of the worst dissuasions  anyone ever made in life. Only thing I remember from that night was perfectly throwing up into a empty Ciroc bottle.

Like I said borderline psychotic.

Anyway, on days that I get bored I find myself coming up with random drinking games and challenges. Not as bad as those, but apparently bad enough that my now sane “young adult friends” tell me “No lets not”. FYI these are the same ones that came up with the games I described moments ago.

So I figured why not share this drinking challenge with our readers who are looking for a quick fun drinking adventure to close out there summer. A few quick rules: If you know your liver can’t handle it off rip do not do it. If your a lightweight this is not for you. If your a angry drunk yeah just stay your a** at home.  Oh and finally just have fun!!

So this is a challenge best done on a saturday and you will need 6-10 people and only really works for those living in the NYC area.

The Henny-Hands Rooftop Bar Crawl

Item’s needed

  • 2 Arizona Bottles
  • duck tape
  • Henny

So you want to start this day off the right way with FOOD and a little pre-game. With that being said everyone should meet up at a brunch. So a very dope brunch spot i would advocate going to is AGAVE off 7th ave. Not only is it’s 2-hour bottomless margaritas/mimosa/wine a gift from the Turn-Up Gawds  but the food is actually good! Which seems to be rare at a lot of bottomless brunch spots. (Get there around 12pm tho the wait to get seated can take a hour).

After brunch hit the corner store and buy two of those $1 Arizona bottles each. Then proceed to the liquor store to buy your bottles of Henny. Fill both the Arizona bottles with Hennessy and duck tape one to each of your hands. Now split into to even teams and the game begins.

Now the object of the game is to complete this Rooftop Bar Crawl, which goes from on side of the city to the other. But before your allowed to start or even use your hands your whole team has to down their Arizona bottles full of henny.

At each destination your team has to take a IG selfie as proof of being at the rooftop as well as 2 shots OR 3 mixed drinks. First team to reach the final rooftop and take their shots and IG selfies win!!

Seem’s pretty simple right!

Remember know your limit, pace yourself and have fun!!