Posted August 6, 2014 by Marisa M in ThatsEnuff

A New Rule From Delta Airlines Leaves Ludacris’ Daughter Behind

Bet ya Ludacris won’t be flying Delta again any time soon! The Atlanta rapper is royally pissed with the major airline, after a new rule they’ve enforced was not communicated properly to him – resulting in his 13-year-old daughter Karma not making her flight to NYC.

Here’s what went down: Luda and Karma were together in L.A., and both flew back to Luda’s home of ATL. From there, Luda had a plane ticket for Karma to fly solo to NYC, where her mother would meet her in the airport. Upon arrival in the A, Luda dropped his baby girl off at the first-class lounge so she could await her NY flight, but after he left, a phone call from Delta had him turning right back around to pick Karma up.

Unbeknownst to Ludacris, any child under 15 is not allowed to fly on Delta without an adult, so the airline would not let her on the flight. When they called the rapper and let him know that for a $100 fee they’d provide her with an adult supervisor, he told them to get lost, and he was highly upset considering he [allegedly] was previously told the only requirement was that an adult needed to be present in NYC when the plane landed. Apparently someone was wrong.

Source: TMZ