Posted August 5, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

What…Did Drake Lowkey Call Rihanna The Devil During OVO Performance [Video]

So Drakes performance of “Days In The East” last night was quite interesting to say the least. I mean yeah we’ve heard of a women scorned but I guess you can say this is a man scored as well (unless he’s just fueling the drama for the fun of it.

So TMZ posted a video of the OVO raper performing his “Days In The East” track during the last night of his OVO feast and the background images were like we said interesting. As the Drizzy begin to harmonize to the song a fiery number six pops up on screen, then immediately after it a picture of Rihanna, followed by another 2 other six’s. (Allegedly there was another picture of Rihanna after the second six but we couldn’t make it out).

Like we said a bit much.

Check out the video below. Was this a jab at Rihanna or is Dizzy just playfully fueling the drama?