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Teacher Fired After Students Find Nude Selfies In Her Phone [Photo] [Video]

Lakeisha Jones has been fired from Myers Middle School in Savannah, Georgia do to naked photos in her cell phone that her students discovered and began spreading them across social media.

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According to Lakeisha, she knew something was wrong when she sent some of her business club students to get a pair of scissors from her classroom and they took longer than they should have to return. She discovered them shortly after, huddled around a cell phone. As it turns out, they had gone through the 34-year-old’s phone and discovered some nude selfies. The girls then snapped copies of the photos with their cell phones and began sending them to friends and uploading them to social media sites. Lakeisha says that she did not learn what the students had done until nearly a month later when a concerned student came to her in tears and told her what had happened. According to her version of the incident, her password-protected cell phone was left charging in her desk drawer, not in plain sight for students to see. She speculates that they cracked her password during the 2-3 minutes that they were alone in her classroom.
School district officials, however, are telling a different story. In a hearing, they testified that the students discovered the photos after Lakeisha unlocked her phone to allow a student to call home and then walked away. They also allege that she did not report the incident, but instead tried to handle it herself by asking students to forward what was being said on social media back to her so that she could track down the students responsible. Once officials learned of the incident, Lakeisha was removed from Myers Middle School and placed at DeRenee Middle School, pending a termination hearing. School officials say that she failed to report to work for three weeks and when she finally did, she left her phone unattended again and it wound up in the hands of another student.

Jones argues that,  “she did nothing wrong by keeping the images in her phone and bringing it work and that her only misstep was trusting the students to respect her privacy.”


“Back home my family is prominent,” the former pageant queen said. “I’m the Natchez Indians (Mardis Gras Ball) Queen. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.”

“I feel like I’m the victim,” she added.

“I’m grown,” Lakeisha continued. “…Whatever is in my phone is my business … There is nothing in the policy about what you can or cannot have in your phone.”