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One Man Band and a Princess Stole the Show Last Night on WWE Raw (Editorial) [Photo] [Video]

This week on Raw, it didn’t quite add up to the build that was presented last week. Last Raw brought the entire product to another level and I dissected how here. This week was so much disappointment. With two weeks left till Summer Slam so much has been missing and it hurt the build up to the 2nd biggest PPV in the company. Let’s run down the show and see how it just didn’t measure up.

The opening promo by the Authority was pretty interesting and funny with the WWE Network mention for only “$9.99”. For those who missed the reference, there was talks amongst the talents that the broadcast team sounded redundant during WWE events on pushing the WWE Network. Leave it to Trip to poke fun at the IWC rumors. Through they promo of key matches for Summer Slam, this led to the first match which was Kane vs. Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match. I guess they was trying to kick off Raw with a dope match like they presented last week, didn’t work. The match had it’s ok moments but the ending was so poor. You mean to tell me the guy who put Daniel Bryan away and been on tear couldn’t get up to a 10 count from a regular spear? Why couldn’t they make a spot of where he spears him off the stage or barricades? Why no interference from Randy Orton? This is a no DQ match and just last week Kane assisted Randy Orton, kind of. Roman Reign did have to get 6 staples after the match. (Check the gallery for the picture.) From here I just had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

The next match wasn’t that long though. It showed Sandow in Sooners gear to generate heat from the Texas fans and set up a nice pop for Mark Henry. For what it was, I appreciated it just to be able to see Mark Henry get a good look. There’s been talks of him walking away from the ring soon so let him get some good vibes along the way. Hopefully let him hold the strap in a transition phase the least.

We get a weird promo for Adam Rose which lend to nothing because Rose never came out. Maybe he’s getting a character change since this current gimmick is just not working with the crowd. Nonetheless, a few minutes that could have been used to build Summer Slam wasted.

Beat the Clock challenge between Ambrose and Rollins for control of stipulations was next. Ambrose was pit up against Alberto Del Rio, which was a decent match. They played into the storyline of Ambrose left shoulder being taped up and everything. This match ran longer than most “Beat the Clock” I’ve seen if not all of them. The match went for 15 minute plus which was good for TV to see a full match but you just knew it would be a twist in Rollins match.

We missed the next match of Rusev vs. Sin Cara, unless you have the WWE App since it started during the commercial break and ended in the commercial break. ….. Really WWE? You want us to download the app that bad? Anyway, this followed a Rusev and Lana promo that brought out Swagger and Colter. These two had some great back and forth as they build for their Flag match at Summer Slam. It ended with Swagger being beat down with Russian Flag and Lana spearing Colter. This drew a lot of heat from Rusev and sympathy for Swagger. Finally they showed something that made sense on Raw.

Caesaro and Ziggler go next with The Miz at ring side as he will defend his IC title against Ziggler at Summer Slam. This was a quick match with Ziggler winning clean after a Zig Zag counter. The Miz avoids a Super Kick after the match to play into protecting his “money maker”. What’s going on here with Caesaro? Two weeks in a roll clean loses in meaningless matches for him. Looks like he may be lost in the shuffle a bit.

The Dust Brothers beat Rybaxel in a match. Yeah.

We are sent backstage where Stephanie and Triple H talks about her contract signing with Brie Bella later for their Summer Slam match. In the middle of their discussions, Kane walks in to hand his mask over to Trip then walks back out. This was interesting to see and leave us all wondering. We’ve seen this before. Does this mean he is getting a new character as well? Will he be gone for a while? This was interesting to see and leave us all wondering.

Chris Jericho faces Harper for a chance to ban him from ringside during his match with Bray Wyatt at Summer Slam. He beat Rowan on SmackDown last week so this was basically predictable. I must say though that the hype between the two is better this time around than the last match these two had. Bray interfered in the match which, award Jericho the win and the ban of Harper. He later cut a promo on Jericho as they build their hype. These two on the mics are golden. Again, this rivalry is something I’m enjoying on the program.

Diego beats Fandango after interference from El Torito and Summer Rae/Layla. Hornswoggle was Fandango new dance partner only for that to split at the end. Where is this going? Summer Rae and Layla continue to cost Fandango matches but where is the development. Why are spending so much time on this? This is like 3 or 4 weeks in now. Seems like a program for SmackDown not Raw.

Bo Dallas got revenge on R Truth after losing to him last week and ending his winning streak. This time Truth got upset and attacked Dallas for only to have Dallas have the last word. We’re seeing a mean streak between the two and they actually work well together. Would love to see how far can this go.

It was Rollins turn for “Beat the Clock” challenge. Originally his opponent was suppose to be RVD but was switched to the One Man Band Heath Slater. Clearly this was supposing to be a squash match as Rollins offered for Slater to walk off but he decided to fight. Not for nothing, Slater was getting a good crowd reaction. Early in the match Ambrose walks out and Rollins keeps emphasizing he has a lot of time to win. Slater hit some major moves with multiple close calls. It doesn’t help that Ambrose is distracting Rollins as he messing with the “Money in the Bank” briefcase. It was pretty hilarious stuff from ripping the contract and pour food/drinks into it. He also included JBL hat in the suitcase. The ending came when Slater caught Rollins with a schoolboy roll up thus giving Ambrose the challenge winner. Slater been getting some good looks and may be on a path of a Face run on the lower card. Maybe he can climb the ladder.

To close out Raw, Stephanie and Brie are set up for their contract signing. Stephanie has Triple H in her corner and Brie got her sister Nikki. Trips explained that he couldn’t be moderator due to conflict of interest so Michael Cole would play the roll. Brie still needs a little help on her promo but the two had a very good back and forth. Out of nowhere Trips traps Brie in the corner with the table as Stephanie attacks Nikki. Steph even lays out Nikki with an impressive Pedigree. As they mock Daniel Bryan “Yes” chants, Brie slaps Triple H, which leads to Steph attack her. She too gets an impressive Pedigree. The power couple celebrates in the ring and continues to mock Daniel Bryan as Raw goes off. This was the best segment of the night and I’m looking forward to this match. I’m hoping these two are spending enough time on training together to tell a very awesome story in the ring.

My biggest issue with tonight is that neither wrestler for the main event of Summer Slam was present. Brock Lesner and John Cena both had a couple video promos through the night but if I’m in the audience or at home, this is a bathroom break. One or the other HAS TO BE THERE! It’s two weeks from Summer Slam and no real push for the WWE World Heavyweight Title?! Also besides a Paige promo in the back, there was no push of the Divas Title match between her and AJ Lee! The two top titles of each division had no camera time through out the entire Raw but they both are on the line at Summer Slam. Besides the last two segments, I could’ve missed this Raw and would’ve been perfectly fine. They need a big draw for Summer Slam and I don’t think Hulk Hogan on Raw next week is it.

Again sorry for all the writing, I’m working a podcast I promise! But please me your thoughts on the bottom. Do you agree or disagree with I’ve written for my editorial of Monday Night Raw? Let’s do some discussions.