Posted August 4, 2014 by Unique in Media

Kevin Liles Talks New Beverage Partnership With Jay Z & Mariah Plus Bobby Schmurda’s Deal

Online lifestyle magazine Page 31 recently spoke with Kevin Liles shortly after introducing his new beverage partnership with Jay Z and Mariah Carey distributed through Walgreens. Kevin Liles dropped numerous gems on entrepreneurship, revealed how he talked the two mega stars into coming on board and also revealed his outlook on the recent signing of internet sensation Bobby Schmurda.

On recruiting Jay Z and Mariah: “I went to Jay and Mariah and said, ‘hey, you both have known me for 25 years. You both know I’m interested in building brands, but also making legacy and I’d love for you to both join me in this new venture with Walgreens to create your individual beverage companies.’ It was really two conversations. One with them, and one with the lawyers (laughs). A lot of it was trust, credibility and a lot of it was making sure we created great tasting beverages that they could participate in.”

On whether or not Bobby Schmurda proved himself worthy of a record deal: “Is one record gonna make you a household name? Is one record going to make you a superstar? I don’t think Bobby thinks that. I don’t the company he signed to thinks that. I think he has a great start and a great movement around his dance and his song. I wish him the best of luck…. I just encourage people to keep selling their truth. If Bobby is selling his truth then congratulations to him.”

You can check out the full interview over on Page 31.