Posted August 4, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Happy Birthday President Obama! Check Out Some Of His Best Basketball Highlights [Video]

Today marks the 53rd birthday of the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama.

To celebrate the occasion, let’s share some of the president’s best basketball highlights.

We all know he loves to play and use the sport to clear his mind a bit. We also know that he could become a great commentator one day with his great knowledge of the sport.

So check out some of his best b-ball moments on the court, and ask yourself… can you beat the president in a game? Would you even want to take that chance?

April 25, 2008. Obama looks like an All-Star against other colleagues and senators.

A 3-pointer as he visits Kuwait. No problem.

A message for the United States national team.

Gotta show the good and the bad… right?

Marv Albert x President Obama

Obama can be the next great color commentator

Bill Simmons x Barack Obama