Posted July 31, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

NBA Referee Comes Out Of The Closet In Interview

Veteran NBA referee has decided to announce her sexual orientation, and a milestone in her life.

Violet Palmer, who happens to be the league’s first female referee will marry her partner of 20 years. She has been a referee in the NBA since 1997.

According to an interview from the Associated Press:

”This is actually the big formal coming out,” Palmer said. ”We are saying to the world, to everyone, here’s my wife of 20 years. This is the big coming out.”Palmer will marry celebrity hair stylist Tanya Stine in Los Angeles. The ceremony will be officiated by ”Basketball Wives LA” star Tanya Young Williams, the ex-wife of former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams.

”I always wanted people to just look at my work,” she said in a phone interview. ”Not look at my personal life, not look at my sexual preference. That doesn’t matter. I just wanted people to say, `Wow, she is a pretty damn good referee.”’ […] Palmer said she didn’t initially reveal her sexuality to the NBA while working her way through the ranks, but eventually came out to her fellow referees about dating Stine.

Congrats and good luck on the next chapter of Palmer’s life.