Posted July 30, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

Could There Be A Rihanna Magazine In The Future [Details]

Before her RiRi hearts make-up line with Mac and her River’s Island fashion line with the London based fashion company, the Bajan pop icon was the red headed ‘LOUD’ singer who wanted to expand her empire beyond the music world.

In 2010 the Roc Nations singer set down with Kanye West for a interview for Interview Magazine in which she spoke of wanting to expand her band into the make-up, fashion, and editorial world. Yes, the pop princess spoke of owning her very own Magazine which really has a dope concept.

KANYE WEST: Where do you see your career by the time you’re 30? Or do you just take it as it comes?
RIHANNA: I have really, really big goals, and I always try to put a time limit on stuff, between me and God, and just hope that he favors me and that I’m deserving of it. Because if I am, then I’ll get what I’m working for. If shit doesn’t work out according to what you want, it’s always a reason. But, I want to evolve my career into different things. I want to also be able to do fashion. I want to do makeup. I want to have different entities. Because I don’t want to have to tour every year. I want to be able to say, “I don’t feel like doing music this year. I want to focus on fashion.”
KANYE WEST: So those are your main things, music and fashion?
RIHANNA: Music. Fashion. Beauty. Books. Magazines. I would love to have my own magazine, have it be like a teenage to early 20s fashion magazine. But my magazine would have regular girls on the cover. Just somebody with a story and a lot of swagger of their own. They could be Gothic. They Could be Hip-Hop. They could have any kind of style they want, but it would have to have some flyness to it. I’ve started my own company so we can explore some of those things.

Well with Music, Movies, Fashion and Beauty already under her belt the next goal for the ‘Diamond’ singer to tackle looks to be her Fashion Magazine. 

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Rihanna and Eminem’s Monster Stadium  Tour kicks off August 7th in Pasadena, CA.