Posted July 30, 2014 by Unique in Lifestyle

The Dating Game: Do You Have A Dating Bucket List? [Editorial]

So many of us have bucket list pertaining to a number of different things (i.e. summer, life, etc.). But how many of us have a dating bucket list?

Now a dating bucket list isn’t as shallow as the dating criteria list that many people low key have. You know the list that says the person you date has to meet like three of the things on your list (hight, profession, eye color, cooks, ass for days, no kids, eye color, freak in the sheets). Yeah those get crazy.

It’s more of a list that allows you to experience every aspect of the dating world. And who knows, if your lucky you could stumble upon Mr/s Right.

Now dating and being in a relationship are two different things that our generation for some odd reason has a hard time differentiating between. So with that being said, whats on a dating bucket list?

Well anything actually. But the idea is to mainly put things that you and/or your friends wouldn’t deem your “typical type”.

So like if you usually go for the tall 6’something type then a short, 5’3 or something, should be thrown on your list. I mean who knows you might find their Napoleon complex to be a turn on. Or better yet if your like my homegirl that only dates “big n***as with a icy watch because they know how to cook” (yeah don’t ask). Try the frail guy thats only way of telling time is his Iphone or Galaxy.

Also dating someone outside of your race and cultural should be on your list. Not only would it prove to be a learning experience but can you honestly say ALL guys/girls are the same (i.e. ain’t shit) if you never actually dated someone out side your norm.

Shoot you should even throw purposely dating someone who is obviously completely wrong for you on the bucket list. After all aren’t those the type of people we learn the most from.

The ‘Dating Bucket List’ objective is to not only teach you about yourself but to also reteach you the lesson behind that old cliche saying, “Never judge a book by it’s cover” or title I guess.

Your list can have whatever you want on it: a college dropout; that cute bartender that always gives you free shoots; the two masters and a PHD in the works; dream chaser; overly religious; and the age ain’t nothing but a number (as long as it’s legal).

Whatever the case the sky is the limit, it’s a bucket list after all!!!