Posted July 29, 2014 by BlueMagic in Sports

“This Is Awesome!” For the WWE and Here’s Why [Editorial]

For the first time since I don’t remember when, WWE has put together a complete product that the Universe can get behind. There’s no one or two programs thats carry the entire load of the show like we’ve been so accustom too. It’s not Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority and The Shield or Wyatts (sometimes together) carrying the other load to help build an event. No, for some reason this time around seems like there’s a change of culture in the WWE and the universe is all the way behind it.

After Raw last night, I realized how good the product is for this upcoming Summer Slam. After having such a predictable as well as safe Battle Ground, WWE needed to pick up steam fast for the arguably 2nd biggest event of the year. Daniel Bryan going down to injuries and CM Punk taking an early leave definitely has left WWE in a place where it’s hard to bring up “A+” superstars. But this week, this Raw gave us hope as wrasslin’ fans that we no longer have to be ashamed of the WWE. Here’s a break down of why:

The show started with a long, drawn out back and forth between Cena and Heyman that we kind of could of lived without. BUT having Cesaro come out to defend his former manager and have that great match between the two was AWESOME! I’m no where near a Cena fan. Hell like most of IWC I’m tired of the “Five moves of doom” and “Super Cena” but this may have been one of the best Cena matches on Raw. It gave us a little hope that Cena can in fact wrassle.

For once, in a very VERY long time, Divas actually have a storyline going on between two women that can hold their own. Not only on the mic but also in the ring. This feud between Paige and AJ Lee is definitely a breath of fresh air needed in the Divas division. Hopefully this opens up doors and leads to other Divas ability to extend themselves like Trinity, Charlotte, Alicia Foxx, Emma, and more. I feel so much more can be elevated from this division if they are given the time, less focus on sex appeal, and yeah GIVE THEM MORE TIME! I definitely will be looking forward to this rematch at Summer Slam. Hopefully they are more settled then they were at Battle Ground. (Natalya vs. Charlotte still Diva Match of the decade)

After a slow start to his character which showed him bulldozing over all his opponents, Rusev has finally met his match in Jack Swagger. What’s one way to bring down a tree in your way? Start from the bottom foundation, thats basic knowledge in my opinion. This battle between Rusev and Swagger has definitely grown it’s own legs for the mid-card filler. The crowd has definitely gotten behind Swagger as he stand up for USA against the Russian representer.

There was reports coming out this week that Orton vs. Reigns was not getting much reaction during the house shows this weekend, well tonight took their rivalry another level. I really enjoyed how they had Triple H play Orton into taking care of his business while he substitute him out of the title picture. I’m sure he’ll find his way back but it’s refreshing to a see One v One situation finally for the title after so much chaos since February.

The Bray Wyatt vs. Jericho part two holds no merits for me. Though both are great in the ring and on the mic, I don’t see the purpose behind this. No title involved, no gain or lost in my opinion. They could’ve made this more interesting in terms of maybe Wyatt recruiting Jericho as a new follower? I don’t know but this is not really on my radar.

Then the night ended with Stephanie and Brie Bella coming to terms for a match at Summer Slam. I know Steph is not technically a “Diva” but this definitely adds some prestige to the division to have her participate against Brie. Hopefully during her “absents”, Brie was able to polish in the ring as some one needs to carry the weight but still. Stephanie McMahon is getting back in the ring at SummerSlam against Brie and the build up for this match has almost been perfect. Finally they went at it in the ring before being separated but again WWE did good by allow them to go head to head. There’s was neither one retreating and it’s good to have that sometime. Where both parties actually want to fight each other in the Divas division. As the night ended you could CLEARLY hear the crowd chant “This Is Awesome!”. The last time I could think where the Divas/Women closed out Raw was Lita vs. Trish and that ended up being a classic to remember.

Finally we have a complete program that we can invest into and believe in. There’s some key story lines that I haven’t touched on but this WAAAYYY too much writing. Thinking it’s time to really join this podcast world because there’s so much I would love to share but don’t want to bore you guys with all this writing. As you can see, I literally dissected this because honestly last night Raw WAS AWESOME!