Posted July 28, 2014 by Unique in News

Not Your Typical Work Day: West Village Shootout Leaves 3 Injured and One Dead

So early this afternoon as Enuff was making his way into the Hot 97 building he came across a array of cop cars and a Helicopter hovering over The station. Not the standard way to being the work day in the in busy neighborhood of West Village. I wasn’t until E reached the station floor that he was given news of what exactly took place….

Lets just say it wasn’t your typical Monday on this side of town.

According to a number of news reports A fugitive sex offender who was recently featured on CNN’s “The Hunt with John Walsh” was shot and killed after he wounded two U.S. Marshals and an NYPD detective during a shootout in a West Village smoke shop early Monday.

The NY Daily News reports that the suspect – identified by sources as Charles Mozdir, 32 – opened fire on the officers after they tried to apprehend him in Smoking Culture, a head shop on West Fourth St. near Jones St. shortly after 1 p.m. Mozdir, a one-time wedding photographer, has been on the run since June 2012 – when he was arrested for sexually abusing a 7-year-old boy in California. Emergency workers rushed all the victims to Bellevue Hospital, where Mozdir died.

New York Mayor de Blasio made a statement earlier saying that:

From what we know at this point it appears that the injuries to the officers are not life-threatening.

It still remains unclear as to what exactly lead to the shootout.