Posted July 23, 2014 by Marisa M in ThatsEnuff

Joe Budden Splits With Latest Girlfriend (Tweets) [Photo]

Joe Budden went public with his latest relationship only very recently on social media, and it appears it’s already over. Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Joey revealed his status is “like a dollar bill once again” (aka single if that went over your head,) and in true Joey fashion, went on to allude to a possible song in the works inspired by the chain of events.

Joey has always been very public about the trials and tribulations of his life in music – whether good or bad – and one of the most infamous tracks was his 2011 cut “Ordinary Love Shit Part 3,” where he detailed the very messy breakup between himself and video vixen, Esther Baxter. That relationship was significantly longer than this one, though, and judging by Joe’s semi-tame tweets, was nowhere near as messy, but time will tell! Check out the tweets in the gallery above!