Posted July 22, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Meet Sonny: The 70-Year-Old Body Builder [Video]

Now-a-days I feel like I hear people complain about their age every other day.

After a bad marriage, Sam ‘Sonny” Bryant decided to hit the gym to take off some stress at the age of 44. When somebody suggested he should get into bodybuilding competitions, he took on the challenge.

He is now 70 years old and looks 35 years younger. Sonny has more energy and is in better shape than anybody I have ever seen at that age.

It’s a mindset with him.

“If you start thinking your old subconsciously your conscious mind takes hold of that. Then your body is going to feel that it’s old. Then you’re going to start acting old and feeling old. I can dance all night, that’s just me. I never felt like I aged since I started.”

Maybe we should all take a lesson from him on how to live our lives.

Check out his story below.


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