Posted July 21, 2014 by Unique in Lifestyle

How To Sneak Into These 4 High End Manhattan Hotel Pools [Details]

For those of us that don’t want to deal with the overcrowded community pools or the commute to the beach on those long hot summer days, their is in fact a third option. Hotel pools!!! and the fact that most are rooftops just add to it!

But the real question is how does one gain access to these pools without actual having to book a room? Well your in luck!! Thanks to the Thrillist we have the breakdown of how to sneak into some of Manhattan’s unique spots.

Trump SoHo New York
Level of sneak difficulty: Hard

How to get in: Walk through the lobby like you own the place. This is Trump, after all. Make a left before the reservation desk and take the elevator up to the seventh floor’s Bar d’Eau. The pool is on an outdoor terrace next to a bar (so far, so good), and it’s open from 9am to 7pm. Usually there’s a pool attendant (he’ll be the guy in the yellow shirt) standing by the door to check your room number. But again, act like you’re The Donald. I gave him a simple “Hi, how are you?” with a smile and made it out to the pool, no problem. Bonus: they’ve got an indoor bar with floor-to-ceiling windows in case you fail.

ONE UN New York
Midtown East
Level of sneak difficulty: Easy

How to get in: Swimming with diplomats? Right on! There are two elevator banks in the hotel — you want the ones in the East Tower, which is through the lobby. The pool is on the 27th floor and is part of the fitness center. I walked past the reception desk and into the locker rooms to find the entrance to the pool. No one will question you… because, honestly, who would wanna sneak into a pool that’s inside a locker room?

Gansevoort Park Avenue
Midtown East
Level of sneak difficulty: Hard

How to get in: Before 6pm, walk into the main lobby, and if you can manage to make a friend with a key, take the elevator up to the penthouse floor. In this case, honesty is the best policy. I found a group of bros in the lobby clearly on a third or fourth round of drinks. Laying out my deviant plan, they were all on board to help me execute it. A guy looking to pull this off would have success with a group of the female broquivalent; perhaps a bachelorette party. What you’ll find on the roof is a pool party playground with lots and lots of pretty people. The cocktails are $18 though. As for after 6pm? There’s always a chance you’ll “fall” in.

Millenium Hilton New York
Financial District
Level of sneak difficulty: Easy

How to get in: If you find yourself down by the World Trade Center site in a bathing suit (like you so often do), this is your spot. I walked into the lobby, headed directly for the elevators, went up to the fourth floor, walked past the empty desk (where I assume a pool attendant was supposed to be), and bam. Pool. Easy peasy. That is… if you like a dead-silent indoor pool with beige tiles and sad plastic lounge chairs. NOT EVEN WITH CUSHIONS!