Posted July 21, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Sports

First Look At The 2014-15 NBA Christmas Jerseys [Photos]

For what has now become tradition, the NBA has revamped their jersey’s once again for the Christmas season.

In my opinion its MUCH better than last year’s pajama get up. It adds some modern personality, mixed with its traditional flavor to give it a new hip look, without the experimentation with shirts.

The front of the jersey’s show a big picture of the logo just like last years. Except this time the jersey’s are the traditional sleeveless ones. On the back the numbers are in big bold style with the first name under the jersey instead of the usual surname. It’s similar to what you would see out of some European uniforms.

Check out the leaked mock-ups of your favorite team in the gallery above. You can catch details on some of the different jerseys being released this upcoming NBA season by visiting Uni Watch.

Spoiler alert: the Toronto Raptors are bringing back their throwback Raptor jersey. In my opinion the best jersey ever.