Posted July 19, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Former Minnisota Vikings Player Looking to Sue Team For Homophic Remarks [Details]

Former Minnisota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is getting ready to sue the Minnisota Vikings according to ESPN.

Kluwe decided to sue reportedly after settlements broke down between Kluwe and the Vikings.

Apperently Kluwe reported that in 2012 his special teams coordinator Mike Priefer used homophobic slurs. According to ESPN Kluwe was later released the next season because he was for same sex marriages.

In the settlement Kluwe and his attourney asked for Priefer to be suspended for four to eight games and that the Vikings donate $1 million to LGBT freindly charities. According to ESPN the Viking suspended Priefer for only three games and the team only offered $100 thousand to give to charities.

Kluwe and his attourney declined the deal and decided to take the issue to court.

Kluwe realeased this statment on ESPN,

“The settlement is completely off the table,” Kluwe said. “The way they’ve gone about this entire business is unacceptable to anyone who has idea what transparency actually means. I think it shows there is a culture there that needs to be changed. They said, all along, they’d go about this in an openly transparent manner. But when they get the report, they clam up and don’t want to release the full version.”

The Vikings also released a statment saying that along with his suspension he has to take sensitivity training as well.

As far as the lawsuit Kluwe could make up to $10 million if he wins.