Posted July 15, 2014 by Marisa M in Entertainment News

Judge Denies $750k Lawsuit Against Meek Mill From Former Philadelphia Police Officer

In 2012, Meek Mill was arrested in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA for allegedly being in possession of marijuana. The charges were quickly dropped as it was soon discovered that this was false, but of course, it didn’t stop there. The outspoken MMG rapper went on to blast the arresting officer on Twitter, to which the cop (who was later fired from Philly PD for reasons unrelated to Meek) said it “damaged his reputation and character,” and attempted to sue for $750k, on the grounds that it was hard to find work because of Meek “slamming” him in the media.

Luckily for Meek, the judge residing on the case has shut down the suit completely. The court order states that the officer sued him under the wrong legal statues and since Meek isn’t a government official, he has no grounds to sue for what he is attempting to sue for. It certainly didn’t help his case that he also failed to properly explain himself in the documents, since he didn’t hire a lawyer to represent him. Nice try, buddy!

Source: TJB