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Hollow Da Don vs. Eminem on Total Slaughter 2? (Details) [Photo]

This past weekend, battle rap PPV took place with Total Slaughter at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Arsonal took out Big T with a 3-0 decision in the opening round. But Arsonal made sure to take shot at everyone that was in the building that night. Especially a couple of stingers at former rival Joe Budden.

T Rex and Daylyt went in the next round as finalist of the “Total Slaughter”. T Rex came out ready to continue his on slaughter from the TV show being the only constant impressive figure on there. Daylyt came out, well in a Spawn costume. Daylyt forfeited the 3rd round when he went into a “break out” while striping from his Spawn costume. No bars was spit by Daylyt in the 3rd round which gave T Rex 3-0 victory.

Murda Mook 3-‘0’d Lux in the next battle and now the two are 1-1 in battles. Didn’t seem like Lux had his usual killer instincts in this battle. Twitter kept trying to figure out Lux angle but nothing ever really came across.

Then came the main event of Hollow Da Don vs. Joe Buddens took place. Each round was pretty close and some would score it 2-0 Joe or 1-1 even. The third round decided it for sure as Joe put his mic down due to the crowd not wanting to stop booing off one line they didn’t like. Argument goes, if he didn’t put the mic down he would still have won the battle. But today that’s not the focus. During Hollow rounds, he constantly took shots at Eminem, Paul Rosenberg and Jimmy Lovine. Mind you, this is a Shady/Slaugtherhouse event which made this even more disrespectful by Hollow. According to Hollow Twitter, Em was not too pleased with the constant shots which may have sent up a Hollow Da Don vs. Eminem for Total Slaughter 2.

Do you think Eminem would really come to battle Hollow? Do you think Hollow will even be allowed to come back again on a Total Slaughter stage? Leave us your thoughts below and make sure to leave us your thoughts.

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