Posted July 14, 2014 by Marisa M in Entertainment News

Damn, Karrueche Text Messaged Rihanna Twice This Week? Meanwhile, Drake Is So Over Rih!

Rihanna isn’t even doing anything, and her name is still splashed all over this love-triangle. A new report suggests that Chris Brown’s current squeeze Karrueche surprisingly reached out to none other than his ex Rih during her most recent fight with him and tried to solicit some advice on what to do with him!

“Karrueche has texted Rihanna twice,” a source close to her said. “She identified herself and basically said, ‘Hey Rihanna, this is Karrueche. I know you probably hate me or dislike me. I don’t hate you since we are both connected to Chris, I would love to talk to you about him and how I can help him be a better man. No disrespect, I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while but didn’t have the courage. Now I do.’” Whoa!

“She has always wanted to talk to Rihanna and make sure there was nothing between them,” the source added.” Karrueche’s always been down to talk with her, but just like that — Rihanna kept quiet.”

Meanwhile, Chris has squashed the beef with Rih’s other ex, Drake, and the pair were photographed together in the studio over the weekend. Later when asked about it, Drake remained rather coy, but made sure to find time to throw a little jab Rihanna’s way.

“He also gave the broadest hint that he and Rihanna were never serious, insisting he has always been a ‘bachelor,'” the Times reports. “Actually, my status hasn’t changed, just to clear that up,” he told them. Could possibly just be Drake covering his hurt, though, as maybe Rih never wanted to be official with HIM! Just a possibility!

Source: NY Times || Hollywood Life