Posted July 12, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Miami Heat Lock Up Deal With Chris Bosh [Details]

Yesterday was not a total loss for the Miami Heat.

After loosing Lebron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Pat Riley and the Heat wanted to make sure they did not loss the rest of the Big 3!

The Heat offered Chris Bosh a max deal at 5 years $118 million, a deal that Bosh could not refuse.

Many people forget that Bosh was a double-double guy on the Toronto Raptors. If he can get back to that Bosh the Heat will have enough to prosper through the Eastern Conference.

The Houston Rockets where also in persuit of Bosh and many beleived that if James left Miami Bosh would follow suite. With James departure though it gave Miami the cap room to give Bosh a max deal.

Now Miami is making a push for Dwyane Wade who is also being pursued by the Chicago Bulls.

According to ESPN the Bulls are pitching the idea of “coming home” to the Chicago native Wade.

If Miami can get Bosh and Wade back, the Heat will still be a top 5 team in a very weak eastern conference. The question is can they go to a 5th straight finals without King James?

Let us know what you think.