Posted July 8, 2014 by Luis Mercado in ThatsEnuff

Lil’ Wayne vs. Drake: Who’ll Win The Battle Of Singles? [Video]

Drake vs Lil’ Wayne. “Mr. Emotional” vs “Krazy.”

Weezy has had hits since 1999 with the Cash Money Millionaires. While Drake has been letting out hits since his coming out party in the classic mixtape So Far Gone.

According to a report from MTV News, the two WILL face off against each other during their Drake vs Lil’ Wayne tour which is due to kick off on August 8.

Wayne told MTV News,

[We’ll just be] going back and forth with our hits and getting the crowd to go crazy, then just finally hit the stage together. It’s a battle type thing.”

Depending on the city and the age group that decides to go to the show it can go either way. What songs will get played?

Who do you think will win? Check out a small playlist below to get a little idea.