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‘Cassanova Was A Woman’ Kickstarter Trailer! [Watch]

Growing up we were told that we are supposed to get married, have children with a successful career, but that isn’t always the case. Meet Cassanova, a Latina with blue eyes and curly blonde hair who lives in the city pursuing her dream as an actress.  Everything is going great until she discovers she is bisexual and begins to see an imaginary naked guy who offers her unsolicited advice.

Cassanova Was A Woman’ is a romantic comedy film directed by Kevin Arbouet, starring  Jezabel Montero, Margo Singaliese, Zully Montero, Paolo Andino, Monica Steuer, Chaz Mena, Jessica Blank, Carolann Valentino and Gene Gabriel. This film highlights some of the social issues that occur day to day that we are afraid to speak on. Not only is the film female driven, best of all FUNNY.

“I got the script from Jezabel and I read the whole script in 35 minutes. It is such a powerful female movie.” Kevin tells ThatsEnuff. “I mean the leads are all female and you rarely see that in movies now days. Especially because it is not centered around men and how men makes you feel. It is a funny movie starring women.”

Writer and lead actress Jezabel Montero began writing this movie in 2008 and finally completed the script in 2009. From there everything took off. In 2010 “Cassanova Was A Woman” won the Golden Palm Award for the Best Screenplay. It was also accepted for the prestigious New York City International Fringe Festival.

Let’s help “Cassanova Was A Woman” come to a theater near you by making a donation. Jezabel reveals this:

“What I want people to take from “Cassanova Was A Woman”? I want people to leave the theater laughing, repeating the jokes to other people. Secondly, If you go out wondering, hummmm, with the bisexual question. Which is  now a new area  that we’re treading…. If you go out saying hummm, there is this gray area that you can’t explain or you can’t put on one side or the other. Not straight or gay, but somewhere in the middle. Then that’s fine with me.”


Below is the Kickstarter trailer. If you like what you see please make a donation and spread the word.

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