Posted July 8, 2014 by Tabby T in ThatsEnuff

Apollo Nida; ‘RHOA’ Husband Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison [Photo]

Uh oh… Apollo has been sentenced to 8 years in prison today (July 8th). He had plead guilty to bank fraud and ID theft back in May and only has to serve a fraction of the maximum time for his crimes. He was busted last year by the Feds for conspiring along with some cohorts to cash U.S. Treasury checks, pension fund checks from Delta Airlines, funneling the monies through bank accounts using over 50 stolen identities and filing fake tax returns among other things.

Part of the reason he only got 8 years in prison is that he made a deal with federal investigators. This will not be Apollo’s first stint in jail. He was released from state prison after serving six years for a car theft scheme. But he had begged the court to lower his maximum jail time for this fraud charges that could have sent him away for 30 years.


Source: HollywoodLife