Posted July 8, 2014 by Tabby T in News

83 Yr Old Woman Beats Burglar With Pot Of Boiling Water & Stick [Photo]

Wow! A burglar may’ve believed he didn’t have anything to worry about when he broke into the home of an 83 year old Houston woman, but the woman quickly surprised the would be thief with resolve and ingenuity.

When Lillie McClendon faced off with an intruder, she used a stick and a pot of water to fend off the robber and then McClendon told the thief exactly what she thought of him.

“I told him, I said, ‘What kind of momma you got that raised you up like this? You ought to be ashamed of yourself,’” McClendon recalled.

McClendon says she was doing laundry when she noticed an open window and some of her things out of place. “I couldn’t see his face, just his eyes like that. All he was asking about was, ‘Where’s the money at? Where’s the money at?” McClendon said.


The intruder was looking for money and began ch?king McClendon and demanding that she turn over the cash. That’s when the 83 year old decided to take matters into her own hands and f?ght the intruder.

“Oh, sho?t yeah. I got a stick and tried to h?t him,” she explained. “I had sausage on the stove. I put hot water on him.”

The intruder fled without getting any money from McClendon, although he did receive some minor injuries from the elderly woman. She says she also has some minor scrapes and bruises. McClendon’s family is just relieved she wasn’t severely injured or worse in the att?ck.

Houston police are still searching for the man who broke into McClendon’s home.


Source: NaturallyMoi