Posted July 7, 2014 by BlueMagic in TECHNOLOGY

How Your Significant Other Keeping Track of You and UOENO (Details)

Ever wonder how your significant other knew certain things about where you been? Thought your phone was clean from any wrong doing evidence? Remember when you thought your phone was your best friend? Well unless you knew your phone had this particular setting, your phone been snitching on you on the low low. With the IPhones, when you take a picture at a particular place it is automatically tagged. Geotagged to be exact. It’s when you take a picture at a particular place and it automatically embeds the location into the phone. So if your significant other is more tech savvy than you, than likely they been keeping tabs on you and UOENO! Have no fear though, I’ve got the play by play on how to turn it off. Here’s how:

1. Tap the “Settings” icon from your iPhone’s home screen.

2. Tap the “Privacy”” menu.

3. Choose “Location Services” from the top of the screen.

4. Look for the “Camera” setting and change it from the “ON” position to the “OFF” position. This should prevent geotag data from being recorded in future pictures taken with your iPhone’s built in Camera app. If you have other camera apps such as Facebook Camera or Instagram, you may want to disable location services for them as well.

5. Tap the “Home” button to close the settings app.

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