Posted July 1, 2014 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

New Couple Alert: Christina Milian & Lil Wayne Spotted Leaving Together After The BET Awards


Has Lil Wayne found a new boo? Has Christina Milian moved on already? Could these two be dating?

What is certain is that rapper Lil Wayne was spotted leaving the B.E.T. Awards with R&B singer Christina Milian. And now rumors are flying that these two could possibly be dating. The two enjoyed each other’s company while the paparazzi went crazy taking pics.

Wayne and Christina was also seen leaving Hollywood’s Playhouse nightclub together as they called it a night.

According to Daily Mail:

Less than two weeks after calling off her 14-month engagement to Jas Prince, Christina Milian has sparked fresh rumors that she’s moved on with none other than Lil Wayne.

Oh and get this…..There are also rumors that Wayne may have taken a few jabs at Jas Prince on a track called “Tina Turn Up needs a Tune Up,”

Read below:


The song is riddled with subliminals such as…

“I’ll take your Tina” (Short for Christina)

“She needs a king

f-ck a prince” (she’s dating Jas Prince)

“You’re a queen not a princess, you’re a queen lets have princess”


Maybe it was simply a ride home, but we’ve got our eyes on these two!

Check out the photos in out gallery above!