Posted June 26, 2014 by Marie-D in News

Mom Shoves Her Baby Out Of A Moving Car To Get Father’s Attention


Looks like 23-year-old Lasasha Allen will be spending time in jail. According to My Arkansas, Lasasha shoved her 20 month old baby out of a moving car.

The incident took place Sunday June 22, when she allegedly sent a false text to the baby’s father saying that the child had fallen out of her vehicle. When the baby’s father did not respond to the text the way Allen wanted, she allegedly drove to a rural area on Louisiana Highway 865 and actually pushed the baby out of her passenger side door while moving at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

Lasasha tried to tell the doctors that the injuries were the result of an accident. Immediately Franklin Medical Center called police and told them that the child was suffering from injuries that were severe. Moments later the young mother was taken to the station for questioning.

It was later determined by Franklin Parish Sheriff Deputy Kevin Cobb that it was more than an accident and that this was an intentional act.

“She was having stories that just weren’t adding up and did not make sense. She arranged it, basically staging this event to where it would look like an accident.”

Lasasha told police, that she wanted “to inflict minor damage” to her baby, so she would not be caught lying to the child’s father. Of course the baby sustained life-threatening injuries all over her body.

Allen reportedly waited awhile before transporting her child to a nearby hospital for treatment. The infant was airlifted to a trauma hospital in Shreveport, La. to undergo immediate surgery.

“This was a horrendous act, one that is beyond explanation, Kevin Cobb told KTBS TV. “I hope that everyone will pray for that child and its siblings through this ordeal.”

Lasasha is charged with attempted second degree murder and is currently detained at the Franklin Parish Detention Center. She is being held on $750,000 bail. Allen’s injured child and her five other children have been placed in the custody of Child Services, said Sheriff Kevin Cobb.

“One thing is certain, the child is in a safer place today than in the hands of the mother. Justice can’t move quickly enough in this,” Cobb added.