Posted June 24, 2014 by Luis Mercado in Movies & TV

The Boondocks S4 E10 ‘The New Black’ [Full Episode]

Last night’s episode of The Boondocks delves into the politically correctness with the LGBT community as Riley gets exposed for his overuse of the word “gay.”

After being recorded calling one of his classmates gay after displaying his love for dance, the world goes in full assault as people such as Ellen help rally against him and the word.

Of course this brings Rallo Goodlove in for the rescue as mediator Walter Sweetlove from the “Yes Homo” campaign asks Riley to do a few things to make good with the community. Of course he denies the offer and Granddad has to save the day by calling Riley a “special needs child.”

That of course doesn’t help matters either.

Check out the full episode below.