Posted June 24, 2014 by Tabby T in Entertainment News

Ma$e Collabs With Kanye, Diddy, & Dipset For ‘Now We Even’ Album [Photo]

As if the news of Ma$e dropping an album this year isn’t exciting enough…according to MTV, Ma$se will be collaborating with Kanye, Diddy & Dipset for his ‘Now We Even’ album! During his recent interview with Hot 107.9, the rapper mentions; Kanye West and Rick Ross will be featured on his upcoming single “Billboard.” And, Dipset will be featured on the album as well.

“It should be out the first week in October,”  He then goes on to say; “We gon’ have Yayo on it, Ross, Puff, Dipset. It’s gon’ be really special. This will be what I would have put out after Harlem World, so it’s gonna be really special.”

Source: MTV