Posted June 24, 2014 by Devon Watkis in Sports

Lebron James Opts Out of Contract and Becomes Unrestricted Free Agent

He’s at it again! Lebron James has just opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat to become an unrestricted free agent according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

James joins his good friend Carmelo who became and free agent a few days ago.

Rumor has it that the two are looking to team up, possibly in Miami. If that happens well the NBA will never be the same.

There also is the real chance that Lebron goes back home to Cleveland. Especially after Lebron’s wife Savannah posted a picture on Instagram of her and lebrons hometown of Akron, Ohio saying “Home sweet home!! The countdown is real! #330”. Many think this was a hint that Lebron will be coming home to play with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

All I know is the rumor mill will be working in overtime for the rest of the summer until these two stars make a descion, and hopefully Lebron doesnt do it on TV agian.