Posted June 23, 2014 by Unique in Entertainment News

K. Michelle Cancels Her Tour To Reflect On Life In South Africa

Earlier this week, the “Rebellious Soul” singer penned an open letter to fans on her Instagram stating that she was putting part two of her tour on hold to take a couple months off and journeying to the motherland to self-reflect and to find inspiration.

Dear Rebels,

I will not be doing the Rebellious Soul Tour (Part 2). I personally decided that I wanted to take the next couple of months to journey off to some different places. A writer has nothing to write about with no

inspiration. I will be traveling to South Africa to spend some time preparing for my new album #AWBAH, and reflect on the woman that I’ve become.

I need this time for myself. So much has happened so quickly and I’m forever grateful. The only noise I desire to hear is the inner music. My soul has a song to sing and I have to be quiet to hear it. I have so much in store for you. I promise! Love y’all! [heart emoji]