Posted June 19, 2014 by Kymmi in Lifestyle

Yea Long Distance Relationships Suck, But They Can Work. Here’s How.

If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship you can attest to their lack of being easy. Not that anything in life is simple – except maybe tying your shoe once you learn how or counting to 10 – but you get the point. There are levels to this!

An hour away is a piece of cake. Two hours away remains doable. Six hours away isn’t the worst thing in the world as long as you’re not planning on returning home that very day. Twenty-two hours away and now things become an inconvenience. A drive further than 10 hours is no joke and neither is airfare!

So how is one to salvage a relationship being murdered by distance?

  1. Communication: It’s the most essential function of a relationship. Without it you’re left with nothing but sex and while sex is cool and all, it isn’t everything. Talk to one another and be sure to listen. Fill your conversations with substance. Reminisce on the first time you met, laugh about the good times and keep each other in check! Those life goals aren’t going to reach themselves!
  2. Good Morning Text Messages: As we grow older, and more mature, we realize (I hope) there are greater responsibilities than being in constant communication with another human being. The satisfaction that comes with a morning (or good night) text is endless. Knowing you’re the first or last person on another human beings mind is quite the confident booster. There will be busy days and there will be time differences and that’s perfectly fine. A sweet (personalized) “Good Night” text will do the trick. Women love knowing they’re being thought of.
  3. Skype Sex: Unlike FaceTime, a Skpe screen is typically bigger and bigger, as we all know, is better. I say this making the assumption that nobody Skypes from their phone because quite frankly that’s pretty lame. Make it a date night. Have dinner over a Skype call. Make sure there’s room for dessert. Every man has his preferences. Ladies, don’t be scared to put on a show for your man. Find out what he likes, if you don’t already know, and go to town. Lingerie helps.
  4. Make Time: It’s the golden rule, made easy when distance has no factor in the relationship. If the space between Point A (you) to Point B (your significant other) is more than a drive away, or simply too long of a drive, monthly visits are called for. I make this claim with the given and time and money are present. So what happens when they’re not? You make it work. You take the time to check each other when you can and if weeks, even months go by, you hold on because of love. I’m not saying it’s easy but it surely isn’t impossible if you communicate, say good morning, good night and have lots and lots of Skype sex.
  5. Understanding: Know when to pick your battles and choose wisely. Distance will make you cranky, it will fill you with doubt and it will tell you “this ain’t worth it.” Understand what you’re getting yourself into and be sure to trust one another. If there’s more doubt that trust your relationship will not survive. Understand the requirements demanded by your careers and take it one day at a time.